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How to Start a Moving Business in 8 Steps

Residential Moving Company

If you are thinking of starting a moving business, it would be best for you to plan it first. You need to decide which vehicles you need to buy and what will be the cost of buying those vehicles. You can consult a professional for this purpose to get the important tips for starting a moving business. It is also necessary to decide the right location to start your business to get to your target audience.

Following are some of the major steps that you need to follow to start a new moving business:

1.  Think of Innovative Ideas

First, you need to think of innovative ideas for starting your moving and storage company in Saratoga CA, or any other area. The purpose of coming up with innovative ideas is to make your company different from other moving companies. There must be some distinction between your company and others in the marketplace.

For example, you have seen many moving companies providing the service of moving your belongings from one place to another through vehicles. You can offer the service of manpower for in-house moving help. Moreover, you can start by buying a smaller van instead of a bigger truck.

2.  Create a Business Plan

You need to create a business plan by Market Business Watch before starting it at a specific location. In this business plan, different factors are needed to be considered such as mission, vision, objectives, and other aspects of the company. Moreover, you also need to explain the long-term or short-term planning of the company.

You need to decide the equipment you will need to operate your business. Creating a business plan is beneficial for your company that explains how you can start your moving company and make it successful. You also need to come up with innovative strategies for your business.

3.  Get Legal Permission

You need to get legal permission from the government of the country where you decide to operate your residential moving company. It is important for you to get your business registered according to the rules, regulations, and laws of your state. It means you require legal authorizations for starting your moving business in any state.

You need to apply for some permits considering the type of moving company you want to start so that you could work legally. Let us tell you that when you are working legally in a state, you are considered by the customers to complete their moving projects.

4.  Make a Budget Plan

After getting legally permitted, it is important for you to make a budget plan. For this purpose, you need to consider different areas of your company that require some money to invest. For example, you need computers, internet, chairs, tables, and some electronics to operate your business. The major asset of a moving business are vehicles that you need for providing moving services.

Thus, you need to consider the cost of each thing that you need for your business. You should estimate the total money that you need to invest at the initial stage of starting up your business. Creating a budget plan is helpful for you to manage the expenses of your company. The cost of training the workers is also included in the budget plan.

5.  Purchase the Equipment

The most important step to perform is to purchase the required vehicles. You need to buy the equipment for moving the belongings of the customers such as van, bus, truck, SUV or any other vehicle. You also need to spend money on fuel for such equipment to move them from one place to another.

6.  Buy Important Equipment

You also need moving pads, furniture belts, ropes, movies dollies, and some wrapping and packing materials. You also need to buy large boxes that can be used for packing the personal items of the customers when moving. If you rent a dolly, it will cost you about ten dollars for one.

7.  Get Transportation Insurance

After buying the vehicles, you need to get their insurance. You must have liability and cargo insurance. For this purpose, you need to contact your insurance company to get moving and transportation insurance as soon as possible. You need to check the state authorities before getting insurance.

You also need to get the drivers insured before starting your business continuity plan template and introducing it to the customers. It is important for all the employees to get insured for working in your moving company. It is not only beneficial for the company but also for the workers to avoid different types of risks. Such insurance includes the coverage of physical hazards.

8.  Advertise Your Business and Began!

When you are done with planning your moving business, hiring process, and buying all the necessary things, the last thing is to advertise your company. It means you need to decide on a unique name for your business to differentiate from others.

You can use social media for the marketing of your business. If you are not low on budget, you can consult social media influencers to advertise your business in different areas to get the attention of your target audience. Make sure you provide your personal details too such as contact number, location, etc.


When you decide to start a moving company, you need to plan all its things first. You need to explain its purpose, services, and the locations where it will provide services. You also need to consider your business before starting your moving business.

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