HP Omen launches new laptops and new series

HP Omen 17

HP has now expanded its gaming series Omen, which comes with new laptops but also with the new Victus series, which will be cheaper than Omen.

HP continues to expand and update its Omen series, which we already know has all its focus on gaming.

Now we have two new laptops in the Omen series called Omen 16 and Omen 17 where performance is in focus, both models are equipped with IPS panels in sizes 16 and 17 inches with QHD resolution and in 165 Hz, which feels like a must in gaming.

Both laptops are available with the latest AMD and Intel processors and the same applies to graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD.

But in addition to HP updating Omen, they have also released a completely new series called Victus.

Here, HP will offer a laptop that has a 16-inch screen with IPS panel in QHD resolution and of course 165 Hz. Under the shell we find either RTX 3060 6GB or AMD RX 5500M. When it comes to the processor, we get to choose between Intel Core i7 processor or AMD Ryzen 7 5800H with RAM up to 32Gb and storage on 1TB SSD.

Both the updated Omen laptops and Victus will go on sale in July, from the prices that apply to these new laptops are:

  • Omen 16 – from SEK 14,999
  • Omen 17 – from SEK 21,999
  • Victus 16 – 11,999 kronor

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