Innovation zones controlled by companies can become their own miniature states

Innovation zones controlled by companies can become their own miniature states

A Nevada governor is trying to attract high-tech mega-companies to the state with an offer to let them form independent miniature states that will be able to levy taxes and form their own authorities within innovation zones. In the zones, there should be freedom from coronary restrictions for workers and administration.

The bill presented by Governor Steve Sisolak is about companies that work with innovative technology being offered these special opportunities. Everything is packaged within the framework of so-called “Innovation Zones” and they are marketed to attract technology companies that are tired of high taxes and restrictive lockdown regulations in Silicon Valley.

If this is realized, former technology parks can be transformed into miniature states with a centrally governing company, housing and open spaces where freedom prevails for everyone who works and lives there. No lockdown rules and no mouth guards.

The company that moves to Nevada should, if the proposal is adopted, be able to form its own local authorities that correspond to authorities that already exist at the state level.
The innovation zone must be able to collect taxes, form courts and school districts, provide government services and mainly function as sovereign, self-governing units.

Each innovation zone shall be supervised by supervisory boards and the business owners shall be able to maintain the balance of power and decide who sits on the board of these boards.


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