Insurance against hidden defects when you buy at Blocket

There is always a certain risk when buying electronics on the secondary market. You do not receive a guarantee and returning a purchase is in many cases completely impossible.

To remedy the risk of hidden faults in electronic gadgets purchased at Blocket, a new insurance is launched in collaboration between the trading venue and the insurance company Omocom.

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The insurance is valid for 14 days and covers all forms of defects that were not communicated by the seller or were hidden at the time of purchase.

FAQ about the Hidden Error Insurance on Blocket

How much does the Hidden Error insurance on Blocket cost?

There are three premium levels: SEK 25, SEK 59 and SEK 119. Which one you choose depends on how much amount you want to insure your purchased gadget for.

How much does the Hidden Error Insurance cover on Blocket?

There are three premium levels of up to SEK 2,000, 5,000 and SEK 10,000 respectively.

What does the Hidden Error Insurance cover on Blocket?

Among other things, errors that were not declared by the seller in advance. The insurance covers both repairs and spare parts that are needed. If you know of an error in advance or cause an error afterwards, the insurance does not apply.

How much deductible does the Hidden Error Insurance have on Blocket?

0 kronor.

No deductible & coverage up to SEK 10,000

There is no deductible on the insurance and you can take out insurance in three different levels – SEK 2,000, SEK 5,000 and SEK 10,000.

It costs you either SEK 25, SEK 59 or SEK 119 depending on the level. A relatively cheap price to protect yourself when buying where the product can not be checked before payment.

Anna Karlberg is marketplace director for Buy & Sell at Blocket. She says in a statement that Blocket wants to lower the threshold for shopping second-hand and make it as smooth as shopping new.

The block states that the insurance is only available in the categories with electronic gadgets. At least at the time of writing. Whether it will be broadened in the future remains to be seen.

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It is easy to take out the insurance

  1. To take out the insurance, go to the gadget you want to buy on Blocket. The items covered by the insurance have a small insurance box on the product side.
  2. Click on the highlighted link that says “Insure from SEK 25”.
  3. Follow the instructions and complete the purchase. You will receive a confirmation via email directly from Omocom when everything is ready.

You can read more about the insurance at The block’s press page here.

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