iPhone 12 Mini is unpopular: Apple changes production

The iPhone 12 may switch off pacemakers

The iPhone 12 Mini has clearly missed Apple’s expectations, but the iPhone 12 Pro is more popular than expected: Apple is now reacting to this imbalance and is switching production. Fewer units of the iPhone 12 Mini are currently being built.

Apple is with the performance of the iPhone 12 Mini (Affiliate-Link) obviously not satisfied: This will probably result in the first changes in the production process. Apple is said to have initially reduced production of the iPhone 12 Mini, according to a note from the investment bank Morgan Stanley recently received by observers quoted has been.
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After that, production of the iPhone 12 Mini was cut back by around two million units. This decision is currently valid for the first quarter of 2021.

The iPhone 12 Pro is much more popular

This decision should help Apple to manufacture more units of the iPhone 12 Pro, which is much more in demand than initially expected. Market researchers had already indicated on the basis of various observations that the iPhone 12 Mini would not be well received on the market. Like us in a previous message reported, it only had an estimated market share of around 6% in the weeks after its launch in the US.
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Whether the production of the iPhone 12 Mini will be permanently throttled is not yet foreseeable.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 12 is extremely popular, especially in China, even more so than in the USA. In the important key market, the iPhone has recently had a market share of around 20.3%, making the iPhone 12 the most successful iPhone in four years.

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