iPhone SE 2022 with 5G, iPhone 14 with hole instead of notch?

Is the new iPhone SE coming in April?

The iPhone14 should finally put an end to the notch. Instead, Apple will put a hole in the display for the front camera. Meanwhile, Apple may also be planning to launch the first 5G iPhone at an entry-level price.
Apple is unlikely to be a new version of the iPhone SE on the market. The model from 2020 is still up-to-date, but it has a clearly outdated design. The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that this will not change with the next update. In a current note for TF International Securities, he writes that Apple will continue to present the iPhone SE in the design of the iPhone 8 with the small 4.7-inch display and the large bezel, even though the next update will not be available until the first half of the year Is planned for 2022.The biggest innovation is supposed to be 5G support, which means that for the first time there would be a comparatively inexpensive iPhone with 5G, which, together with a processor that has been updated once again, should motivate customers to buy.

The iPhone 14 will be notchlos

Continue speaks the analyst about his expectations for the iPhone 14, which is expected in 2022. According to the industry observer, these models are to appear for the first time entirely without a notch.
This design feature is replaced by a small hole that is surrounded by a full-surface display. This is where the front camera is housed, which is also to receive an improved autofocus.

This design is already used by Samsung, for example, in its Galaxy flagship models. In a previous message We already reported on the analyst’s assessment of the iPhone 13.

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