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Jiddra with Yibber |  Technology in focus
Jiddra with Yibber

Got a little songbird that sang in my ear about a new app that is trying to gain a foothold in the market. In the footsteps of Clubhouse, the app hooks Yibber on the trend of recording and sharing audio content to the many people. With Yibber, you can thus create your own social profile based on audio recordings that you can easily record and share in the app.

Much like Instagram with photos, Yibber is for sound. In any case, it is well the long-term ambition, right now it is early stage but there is still some content already there and an open playing field for those who want to be at the forefront. I have tested around a bit and it looks simple from a user perspective. I’ve listened to a few tracks and it seems a bit funny actually. But as I said, it’s a bit early stage right now and I’m sure that the gang behind it will continue to build on functionality and make the experience more “local” with the language. For example, there is now a lot of heritage from English with a capital letter everywhere when you as a natural Swede would use lowercase letters etc. But as I said, it will surely be adjusted as time goes on.

So you are eager to try something new, think Clubhouse and the sound trend is a bit cool to hang on to, so try and create your own social sound profile on Yibber and start tinkering! Or maybe yibbra on! 🙂

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