Lars Bern: Why are effective remedies against corona not allowed?

Lars Bern: Why are effective remedies against corona not allowed?

Lars Bern explains that there is an important medicine that could have saved many thousands of people from death in covid-19. It is about hydroxychloroquine, a well-known medicine that has been used for many years in the treatment of malaria. It is used by millions of people in Africa against malaria and costs almost nothing and gives no special side effects during normal treatment. Lars Bern further explains how covid-19 consists of several phases and it is in the very first phase that hydroxychloroquine is effective against corona.

Then it counteracts the virus attack. In a later phase, the medicine is not very effective but must be taken early in the course of the disease. But since the medicine has no valid patents and is free to produce, it is cheap and costs almost nothing. Therefore, the pharmaceutical industry can not make any money on it. It is a very profitable business to sell vaccines, especially if the virus mutates and constantly requires new vaccines. Lars Ben believes that this is the reason why the pharmaceutical industry has succeeded in preventing and even banning use despite the good effect.

This has happened, among other things, through a frivolous article with incorrect information about side effects from the use of hydroxychloroquine, which has been published in the medical journals Lancet and the British Journal of Medicine without the article having been reviewed. When the latter was to be examined, the authors refused to release data. It turned out that the article was a forgery and was published from the magazines. But the damage had already been done. With the help of false information, a ban on the use of hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of covid-19 has since been introduced in many places.

Lars Bern believes that this is a scandal and that all restrictions on the use of the medicine against covid-19 should be lifted immediately. He also emphasizes the importance of combining with vitamin D, zinc and vitamin C.

For more information visit Lars Bern’s blog, Lars Bern: Why are effective remedies against corona not allowed?

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