LIFX releases smart light that kills bacteria

LIFX Clean A19

LIFX has now released a new smart lamp which this time has a function I think many will appreciate, bactericides when we sleep.

It has recently become increasingly important to kill bacteria in our homes and this is something LIFX wants to help us with.

They have now released a new smart lamp which this time not only lights up our homes but this time will also be able to light to kill bacteria that we do not want in our vicinity.

LIFX Clean A19 is the name of the lamp which, thanks to the use of high-energy light called HEV light.
HEV light is completely harmless to humans, animals and plants so you do not have to worry about being harmed by it in any way.

According to LIFX, with the help of LIFX Clean A19 it will be possible to get rid of 90 percent of bacteria on a surface, the lamp is mainly intended to be used where most bacteria can accumulate such as bathrooms and kitchens, which does not sound completely stupid. But LIFX is careful to say that they can not get rid of all types of bacteria, however, LIFX has tested on yellow staphylococci and E.coli which it has worked well against.

LIFX Clean A19

It also takes some time before the light from LIFX Clean A19 is actually effective, so LIFC recommends that you do this “cleaning” of bacteria at night when it is allowed to shine for a longer period.

When you choose not to clean with LIFX Clean A19, you can adjust the light a little as you like, the brightness is up to 1,200 lumens, the color temperature is between 1500 to 9000 Kelvin and has an RGB mode.

LIFX Clean A19 can already be purchased via LIFX website for SEK 849 per lamp or buy a two-pack for SEK 1,479.

LIFX Clean A19

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