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Many complaints about AMD Ryzen 5000 processors

AMD may have problems with the reliability of the Ryzen 5000 series. According to information, many copies of their processors are so-called DOA when they reach customers. They want to say that they do not work and must be returned to AMD.

DOA means “Dead On Arrival”, which is an expression that a product is inevitably broken when it is unpacked from its packaging. There is nothing to do but complain and get a replacement product.

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According to the website Wccftech has a system builder called PowerGPU taken to Twitter to vent his frustration over Ryzen 5000 processors which are just DOA – and there are comparatively many that need to be shipped back.

According to PowerGPU, 23 out of 320 purchased processors are unusable. It is 7.19 percent, which at first glance may feel a little. However, it is an exceptionally high figure and much worse than the equivalent for Intel where PowerGPU only encountered a single DOA processor.

According to PowerGPU, a normal DOA percentage is around 0.01 percent. Whether this is just an expression that there should hardly be any problem at all, or whether it is actually the figure that applies is unclear.

Absolutely the worst of all the Ryzen 5000 processors was the Ryzen 5950X with eight unusable processors. Followed by 5900X and 5800X which both had four bad processors each. Finally, we have the 5600X which had three copies that were unusable.

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Another problem that has arisen is that the control circuits for the motherboards for the Ryzen 5000 series have proven to be problematic.

According to the hardware leaker Harukaze5719, it is reported that both the B550 and X570 stand out from the crowd with many bad copies that must be complained about.

It is unclear how many there are and since AMD has not confirmed anything, there is a lot that must be taken with a pinch of salt.

We are awaiting further details and hope for a clarification from AMD about how bad (or not bad) it actually is after the data.

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