Martin Nilsson – The human alarm

Martin Nilsson - The human alarm

The human body actually, like other mammals, has a built-in clock that should wake up to life in the morning and with the help of night’s rest give new energy to the day that comes when the sun’s rays peek out and the birds’ chirps are heard in the distance. This should be the natural state of the human body using, and interacting with, the natural rhythm of the day.

Today, however, we need to set alarms that howl wildly and loudly for us to wake up in the mornings and we like to snooze those extra ten minutes because we are far too tired to get out of bed. Like robots, we still step up and start our daily struggle against the clock and stress ourselves through the morning and on towards deadlines, lists, chores and other tasks. The coffee must be boiled and had time to drink while the kids have to get dressed and left at school, we have to catch the bus or the subway to stamp a certain time in the workplace or be crowded in mile-long traffic jams and frustrated we constantly look at those numbers that just seems to tick and tick. The stress starts as soon as the alarm sounds in the morning.

In the evening when we can finally land again, our human robot body is so exhausted that it probably just wants to lie down and get that long-awaited rest that it so desperately needs after all the physical and mental stress it has been exposed to during the ticking hours of the day.
Even though we know this, we still lie and stare at a screen or scroll monotonously in the flows until the eyes can no longer stay open. Then, then finally, we do what we naturally cannot get away with – we fall asleep. Finally, our human body has to perform one of the few tasks that modern Western man does that is still natural, that the human body is designed to do in order to survive – and that is rest.

This behavior is one of many that both we humans and animals but also nature do for the machinery to work. When we are hungry, we eat. When we are full, we fast. When we are tired, we sleep. A natural way of tackling problems and which is also part of the natural rhythm of animal and wildlife. Night becomes day. Day becomes night. The extremes are needed for the other to be able to work. For the whole to work, these natural systems and processes must exist and operate on equal terms. It must not be disturbed in any direction because then the whole system turns in directions we can no longer control and everything that lives and thrives can be put out of balance and in the worst case means the downfall of the earth.

What becomes so incredible in this logical and obvious thinking is that the entire world’s population is aware of how precisely these types of natural processes work and we as individuals are also aware of what needs to be preserved for nature and the earth itself to feel so good as possible and for life to continue to live.

If we as humans are then aware of this, how is it that it has suddenly become environmentally conscious to sort rubbish, textiles and plastic cans at source? We are not environmentally conscious just because we sort at source. If we have so much plastic, sheet metal, cardboard and other things in our waste that need to be sorted at source, this means that we consume an enormous amount of products. That if anything is not environmentally conscious.
In a consumer society in the western world, it is difficult today to be environmentally conscious. No matter how much you sort at source, take public transport or take your bike to work or get an electric car.

The ecosystem, land, sea, atmosphere, wildlife and everything else on this planet have a unique rhythm and are based on their own processes that only work by interacting and living in harmony with what happens naturally.

Since it is not a natural process for man to destroy everything that grows and germinates on this planet and sucks out the last ones that exist as if there were no tomorrow, it unfortunately means that it is not environmentally conscious to overconsume organic food, locally grown raw materials, clothes from recycled materials with fair-trade cotton or turn off all lights on Earth Hour. It cannot become environmentally conscious because there is nothing in us as a species that is neither environmentally conscious nor natural anymore.

I know I may be asking a lot when I now say that the common man should understand this kind of way of thinking, especially in the industrial western countries where we seem to be becoming more and more unintelligent with each passing day. We mostly look at those ticking numbers and set our alarms to wake up and bow and bow to the power elite and their fictional truths.

When should we set our inner alarm and really wake up?

Martin Nilsson, The human alarm

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