Maurice Roussety: The Ten Keys to Business Success

Maurice Roussety

Maurice Roussety describes ten areas of focus where thinking ability in a large way determines the success or the failure of your company. The more clarity you can attain within each area, the more effective decisions you’ll make and the more successful results you can achieve.

Key Purpose

What is the objective of a company? Many believe that the goal of a company is to make profits however, they’re wrong. The primary goal of a company is to keep and create customers. The majority of your efforts, time, and costs should be devoted to making and keeping customers in some manner.

Key Measure

The primary indicator of the success of your business is satisfaction with your customers. Your ability to satisfy your customers to an extent that they purchase from you instead of other companies, purchase again and bring their friends to you is the primary factor in determining your business’s growth and profitability.

Key Requirement

Maurice Roussety said the primary prerequisite for wealth creation and business success is to increase value in some way. All wealth is created by adding value. The growth of any business and its profitability are based on increasing value. Every day, you have to be seeking ways to add more value to your customer experience.

Maurice Roussety

Key Focus

One of the most significant people in a company is your client. You should be focused on your customer at all times. Customers are unpredictable, disloyal as well as impatient, volatile, and demanding just as you are. However, the customer should be the main center of all you do in your business.

Key Word

In all aspects of life, work and in business, you will always recognize in direct proportion to the worth of your contributions to the community in the way they perceive it. Focusing on your outward contribution to your business as well as your customers and those in your local community is the primary prerequisite to becoming an ever more valuable individual in all areas.

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Key Question

The most crucial question to pose to solve any issue, get over any obstacle or reach the business goals you have set to achieve any business goal is “How?” Top people always ask “How?” and then take action based according to the answers that come to them.

Key Strategy

In this world of fast-changing and ever-increasingly competitive competition, it is essential to practice constant improvement throughout all aspects of your professional and personal life. Like Pat Riley, the basketball coach, once said, “If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse.” I’ve found that professional coaching can be a simple method of continuously improving your business, yourself as well as your personal life.

Key Activity

Antoine Roussety

The lifeblood of your company can be found in selling. Antoine Roussety studied thousands of businesses that were in financial trouble throughout the years, and found that the primary reason for the failure of a business is “low sales.” When they further studied the issue they discovered that the top reason for a company’s success consisted of “high sales.” And the rest was just commentaries.

Key Number

The most significant quantity in the world of business will be the flow of cash. Cash flow is for the business just as oxygen and blood flow is to our brains. It is possible to have all activities running smoothly in your business. However, if your cash flow is stopping due to any reason, your business could fail, often in a matter of minutes.

Key Goal

Maurice Roussety said every business should have a growth strategy. Growth should be the main goal of every business activity. The goal should be to increase your revenue by 10 percent or 20 percent or even 30 percent per year. Certain companies increase their profits by 50 percent or 100 percent annually, but not at random. The only true growth is the growth in profit. Profit growth is measured by what is known as “free cash flow.” It is the amount of cash that businesses make every month, every quarter. And throughout the year, which is above and beyond the total cost and expenses of managing the business.

Action Exercise

Maurice Roussety advised you to have an expansion plan for the number of leads you are able to attract as well as the number of customers that you gain from these leads. It is essential to be able to establish a growth plan to increase revenues, sales, and profitability. If you don’t create a plan to grow continuously and stagnation, you’ll eventually slow down and slide behind. It is not an accident, so you need to map your growth plan for your company if you wish it to have the future bright.

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