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Microsoft Edge is automatically uninstalled from Windows – you need to know this

This has happened: Microsoft has announced that older versions of the Edge browser – Edge Legacy – will be automatically uninstalled from Windows in April 2021. At the same time, newer, Chromium-based Edge will be installed as a replacement.

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In a message on the Tech Community site, Micrsoft writes that they 1) stop updating the old version of Edge and instead 2) switch completely to the Chromium-based version.

This means that you who have Edge installed, but still use the old version that is NOT Chromium-based must know two things.

  • Old Edge will be uninstalled automatically from Windows 10. This is not optional but a step that Microsoft will take on all personal computers (corporate computers are not covered).
  • New Edge based on Chromium will be installed automatically – if Microsoft first identifies the old Edge in Windows 10. This is also a non-selectable thing that happens completely automatically.

For the uninstall of the old Edge to work, you must have Windows 10 version 1803 (April, 2018) or later. Because the Edge browser does not work on Windows 7 or 8, no action is required on those operating systems.

If you already have the new Edge installed alongside the old version, Microsoft will not reinstall the latest version. It is of course unnecessary because it is already in place.

You can NO longer use the old and new version of Edge side by side in Windows 10 after April 2020.

It is technically possible to block this change – if you are willing to stop updates via Windows Update. However, it is risky and not recommended for the normal user.

FAQ – important to know about Edge Legacy

Is it safe to use Edge Legacy?

No. Microsoft does not update Edge Legacy with bug and security fixes. This means that vulnerabilities are not sealed, which reduces the security of your computer. Uninstall immediately and replace with another browser.

When does Edge Legacy stop updating?

March 9, 2021.

Which browser replaces Edge Legacy?

The newer Edge browser based on Chromium replaces the old Edge Legacy. You can read more about the new Edge and download the browser here.

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