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Microsoft xCloud with 1080p support – coming soon

Microsoft is testing streaming games in 1080p with the xCloud gaming service. It is a great visual boost from 720p and makes the service much more attractive on a computer.

  • No more 720p to the computer – Microsoft opens for 1080p
  • Easier to log in to Xbox Live with your mobile or tablet
  • You can wake the game console from sleep mode
  • Support for touch controls with touch screens on, for example, tablets or hybrid computers

Did you know that it is not possible to stream games from an Xbox Series X / S to a PC? No, it is actually completely impossible if you do not have a mobile phone or tablet to stream to. If you want to stream from a game console to the computer, at the time of writing, only the Xbox One series applies. Still.

A new, updated app for Xbox Game Streaming looks to change that. And not only allow streaming games from Xbox Series X / S to a PC, but also in much higher resolution. According to the website The Verge the app should be able to handle 1080p, which is a big boost from today’s 720p.

To stream in 1080p, Microsoft needs to upgrade its server fleet so that the Xbox Series X / S is compatible in terms of hardware. As early as 2020, it was revealed that this upgrade would take place sometime in 2021.

You can wake your game console from sleep mode, log in to your Xbox account and play your favorite games wherever you are.
Xbox Game Streaming changes how and when you can play on your Xbox. Just remember to have plenty of mobile data if you drive over 4G / 5G.

Another improvement that The Verge highlights is support for touch controls. This means that if you have a Microsoft Surface or similar, you can use your fingers on the screen to control your games. Not because it is optimal in any way, but it is at least (helpful).

Microsoft also seems to include support for gyroscopes. It is a sensor that is found in all mobile phones and tablets today. According to The Verge, the feature is neither fully implemented nor even available for limited testing.

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