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MindNode’s new outline feature can do that


MindNode we have already introduced you a few times here on Apfelpage. Now the app is no longer just there for creating mind maps, it has just become an outlining app. In this issue of AppSalat, we want to show you exactly what that looks like.

One thing first: Strictly speaking, MindNode already had an outline view. You couldn’t make adjustments to it. But with the latest update that changes. For now, you can only benefit from this in the macOS app. The developers from Vienna are already working on porting for iOS and iPadOS.

MindNode Outline 1

When you open it for the first time after the update, you won’t notice any differences.
Everything still looks the same as it was before. The changes only become noticeable after clicking on the button that calls up the outline view. By default, the new outline opens in a small area on the left. But now it is also possible to display the mode in the entire window.

MindNode Outline 2

Now the mind map can be viewed and edited as an outline. You can insert new nodes by pressing the ENTER key and you can edit existing entries by double-clicking.
The developers built in two different variants to adjust the indentation. Either you use the buttons in the upper area of ​​the window or you just drag and drop the nodes around. The latter does not yet work as smoothly as we would have liked. In addition, it is not immediately obvious that ENTER creates a new line. A dedicated button would have provided more clarity here.

MindNode Outline 3

All in all, we are impressed with the new Outline function in MindNode. We look forward to working on the iPhone and iPad in this way.

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