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Move your history from WhatsApp to Telegram – now you can

The messaging app Telegram has been updated to version 7.4. And with that, we finally get support for importing chat history from WhatsApp.

The news and the latest update will come the same month as Telegram announced that the service has gained 100 million new users. Many from WhatsApp who have been heavily criticized for their privacy policy after the integration with Facebook.

Telegram FAQ

How much does Telegram cost to use?

Telegram is completely free to download, install and use.

How safe is it to use Telegram?

As far as we know, Telegram is one of the market’s safest and most privacy-protecting messaging apps today.

Where does Telegram work?

In the browser and mobile phone, both Android and iOS have official apps.

You can also download an app for Windows, macOS and Linux.

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It’s easy to export your entire history from WhatsApp. It only takes a few fingerprints on the screen.

  • Do you have a iPhone open the contacts page, scroll down to Export Chat and then select Telegram from the share menu.
  • With a Android phone open the chat, press the three dots, select More and then Export Chat.

Once you have exported the chat history and imported it into Telegram, it is saved in the cloud. Encrypted of course, so no one can see your messages.

Telegram values ​​your privacy

For Telegram and its users, privacy is paramount. Since two years ago, it is possible to delete messages for all participants in a conversation. Today it is also possible to delete secret conversations, entire groups and call logs.

Another recently added improvement is optimized voice chats. You can now see who is active receiving the call history. And also fine-tune the volume for each participant in a voice chat if you want.

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It’s free to use Telegram, just like WhatsApp and Signal. The service is based on the MTProto protocol and has end-to-end encryption for maximum security.

Read more about Telegram at the official website and download from the respective app store here:

You will find all available apps here.

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