New Apple patent describes iPhone case with charging function

New Apple patent describes iPhone case with charging function

The US Trademark and Patent Office has granted Apple a patent for a new next-generation iPhone case. The case contains integrated AirPods, which should be charged inductively.

What does the new Apple patent show?

The new Apple patent granted describes loudly Patentlypapple a future iPhone case with integrated AirPods and charging function. The patent application describes covers for electronic devices such as smartphones or tablets and electronic accessories such as headphones, loudspeakers, microphones, cameras, watches or biometric monitors.

It describes protective and decorative options that can be implemented with the patent. According to the embodiments mentioned, the case can comprise one or more charging points for charging the electronic accessories, the device or both.

The charging ports can be integrated in the main body where the device is stored or in the cases where the electronic accessories are located. Alternatively, according to the patent, the charging ports could also be included in both.

Numerous variants

The patent application describes numerous variants of the shell. For example, magnets are mentioned that secure the iPhone or its accessories.

The future iPhone case could have a built-in socket for AirPods (Affiliate link) with which they could be inductively charged. A retention mechanism for a wireless charging accessory is also shown in one of the illustrations.

As always with patents, this does not have to result in a product for end customers. If one should come onto the market, it could take years. You can do this on the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office website Sleeves patent can be accessed with all information. What do you think about the idea?

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