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New commercial for AirPods Pro highlights noise reduction & transparent mode

Apple has released a new commercial called “Jump” for the in-ear headphones AirPods Pro.

The commercial is two minutes long and was shared by the company on its official YouTube channel.

The main feature of the commercial is the two noise reduction (ANC) and transparent mode functions. The song in the commercial is “Fallin ‘Apart” by Young Franco.

The two-minute film shows how a young man walks around a city and jumps rope with a number of different things. From ordinary skipping ropes to ropes taken from the urban environment.

The subtitle of the commercial is “Turn the world into your playground with AirPods Pro”.

AirPods Pro has recognized good noise reduction and transparent mode has been praised by many. But the headphones are no longer the market leader and the competitors have many good in-ear headphones that stand up to the “king” of in-ear headphones.


What is the name of the song for the commercial Jump from Apple?

The song in the commercial “Jump” about AirPods Pro is “Fallin ‘Apart” by Young Franco.

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