Night Shift does not make it easier to fall asleep

One of the big news with iOS 9 was the introduction of Night Shift. It is a feature that changes the tone of the screen so that you get a warmer, more comfortable tone that will improve sleep.

Now it turns out, several years later, that you may not get any better sleep with Night Shift at all. At least not according to psychology professor Chad Jensen at Brigham Young University in Nevada, USA.

Tested the sleep of young iPhone users

Chad Jensen examined the sleep of 167 people between the ages of 18 and 24. He divided the test subjects into three groups who were allowed to sleep for at least eight hours per night.

  1. The first group had Night Shift activated and used the cell phone before going to bed.
  2. The second group had Night Shift disabled and used the cell phone before going to bed.
  3. The third group did not use a mobile phone at all before going to bed.

All persons tested stated that they use their mobile phone daily.

All test subjects good an accelerometer on one wrist to measure sleep activities. They also had an app on their mobile phone to measure mobile usage.

The result: Night Shift is not as good as you might think

Chad Jensen reports that the results indicate that Night Shift is just one of many reasons why you may not sleep well at night.

Interactions with the mobile phone, such as scrolling long pages, sending text messages and posting on social media can have a big impact.

Chad Jensen writes in his report that there are facts that indicate that so-called blue light makes us more alert and makes it difficult for us when we go to sleep. But also that it must be set in relation to cognitive and psychological stimuli.

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