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Nintendo makes more money on Switch OLED – increases margins

Nintendo has increased margins with the new Switch OLED. The game console costs only $ 10 more to make than the previous Switch model. Still, it costs $ 50 more for consumers.

  • USD 10 more to manufacture, USD 50 higher price for the consumer
  • Get news – so few that even Nintendo does not want you to buy the Switch (OLED) in some cases
  • Still hoping for a 4K model in 2021/2022

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Get news – big margins

When Nintendo introduced the new Switch (OLED), many fans gritted their teeth. Loud.

Many who have been waiting for a Switch Pro model with higher performance and 4K support have clearly marked their dissatisfaction with the Switch (OLED) because the model is, quite frankly, an almost pointless upgrade.

In fact, it’s a bit upgraded to the 2019 model that not even Nintendo wants you to buy it (if you already have a Switch, that is).

The notable improvements are that the screen now uses an OLED panel instead of LCD, dual storage (64GB instead of 32GB) and an Ethernet port for the dock.

And all that costs Nintendo about $ 10 extra at the time of production.

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Controls that tighten the pages? Count with it

Despite the minimal cost increase for Nintendo, the Japanese gaming giant is taking the opportunity to increase the margins on the gaming console – and really.

For the consumer, the Switch (OLED) costs about $ 50 more than its predecessor from 2019. And this is where we see the potential reason why Nintendo released the OLED model at all.

To increase their margins and make more money on the players. Not to give their fans a better game console.

Or better hand controls. There is no sign that Nintendo cared about fixing their Joy-Cons, so count on so-called “drifting” also with Switch (OLED). Come on Nintendo, you can do better!


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