Nintendo unveils new Switch OLED – Released this fall

Nintendo unveils new Switch OLED - Released this fall

There does not seem to be a Switch Pro this year. Instead, Nintendo today unveiled a slightly nicer update of the super hit (may you call it that?) Switch.

Speculation has been raging for several years about whether Nintendo would release an upgraded one Switchconsole with faster processor, better screen and other innovations. Today gravel Nintendo some of these rumors, at least for the moment, when they announced new ones Nintendo Switch OLED.

Instead of replacing the technology that drives the console itself, the focus, as the name suggests, has been on the screen. The current SwitchThe model mainly suffers from a really boring backlight. Which makes it almost impossible to play in too bright environments. The screen of the new one Switchthe variant uses OLED-technique. Something that above all gives a good much better contrast compared to those IPS LCDthe screen that sits in today’s Switchdevices. It must also be assumed that the opportunities to play outdoors, for example, are really positively affected by this.

However, the resolution remains at the same, relatively low, 1280 x 720 pixels even for the new one OLEDscreen. Something that feels a bit sad as the console after all sends out the image in 1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD) when running via the docking station. The screen size, on the other hand, has increased from 6.2 to 7 inches.

In addition, the news is of a slightly smaller nature. Among other things, the internal memory has been doubled from 32 GB to 64 GB and a network connector has been placed in the included dock.
Nintendo also states that new Switch OLED has “improved sound”. But exactly what that means is not specified. A couple of new (quite delicious, I think) colors for the console itself are also introduced and the small support on the back has finally become more robust. However, as I said, there do not seem to be any updates that actually affect the performance of the console at the moment.

Nintendo Switch OLED - Kickstand - New
This is probably how the first version of the “kickstand” should have looked like. Image source:

The launch date is set for October 8 this year and the price will be 349 dollars. So probably just over SEK 4,000 with VAT and other small fees on top.

The Nintendo Switch OLED feels like what you were missing when it comes to new Nintendo consoles. Or would you rather have seen a properly upgraded Switch?

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