Nvidia DLSS is now also supported in VR

Nvidia DLSS is now also supported in VR

Nvidia continues to develop its technology that gives us better performance, including DLSS, which is now also available for VR.

Nvidia has created many headlines with its upscaling technology “Deep Learning Super Sampling”, DLSS. Today, there are a few games that support DLSS, including Battlefield V, Outriders, and Watch Dogs: Legion.

But Nvidia announces that significantly more titles are underway, only in the month of May, nine new games will receive support for DLSS. But now we also find out that three VR games get DLSS support and it is No Man’s Sky, Wrench and Into The Radius that get this support.

According to Nvidia, in No Man’s Sky performance with DLSS enabled, for example, will be able to double the performance with Oculus Quest 2 headsets, but this applies if you have an RTX 3080 card and run on Ultra settings, a graphics card that feels almost impossible to get hold of today.

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