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OneDrive finally supports 8K videos and Motion Photos

If you have a newer mobile phone from Samsung, it can probably record videos in high resolution 8K. Storing and playing them from your mobile phone is no problem, but doing so from a cloud storage service has been a bit trickier.

At least until today. Microsoft recently announced that OneDrive finally supports both the highest 8K video resolution and the Motion Photos format. Upload from your phone, stream directly from the OneDrive app.

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To record videos in 8K, a mobile phone from the Galaxy S20 or S21 series is required. It has not been a problem to upload the videos (provided you have enough storage space), but streaming them back in 8K has been a concern.

OneDrive supports files up to 250GB

At least until now. Microsoft has included support for Samsung’s video format and together with the relatively new support for large files up to 250GB, OneDrive is a really attractive cloud storage service for 8K videos.

Samsung Motion Photos is another format that OneDrive has received with the latest update to the app.

Motion Photos is reminiscent of Apple Live Photos where each photo is made up of a series of images that give you a mini-video, or moving image in seconds.

If you try to open a Motion Photos image on an incompatible cloud storage service, you will only get a fixed image, but on OneDrive it will now be the complete, moving image displayed.

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Other news for the OneDrive app is a redesigned home screen that gives quick access to your most important files. Both the latest you worked with as well as offline files and On This Day photographs.

If you already have OneDrive on your mobile phone, you can update it via the Google Play Store. If you need to download the app or want to read more, you do it here.

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