OnePlus 9 Pro uses camera optics from Hasselblad

The Swedish camera brand Hasselblad makes the optics onePlus 9 Pro. Hasselblad is known for its high-quality and equally high-resolution cameras used by professional photographers around the world.

OnePlus has been criticized for the company’s mobile phones not keeping up with the other manufacturers in camera quality. With Hasselblad, OnePlus wants to get to the top and show that they are serious even on that point.

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OnePlus 9 Pro has three cameras on the back – wide angle, ultra wide angle and telephoto lens. The latter has 3.3x optical zoom, which is significantly better than variants with digital zoom. A clear plus then.

The big question now is what Hasselblad actually adds in pure expertise to the OnePlus collaboration. We do not know if it’s just a pure licensing thing where OnePlus pays to have Hasselblad’s brand stamped on the back, or if the camera brand has actually made the optics.

Nor do we know anything about the camera sensors for the mobile phone. Who really did these? Many questions remain, but it is clear in any case that OnePlus wants to raise the temperature properly in the market.

Now it is required that OnePlus 9 Pro actually performs in the top tier when the mobile phone is reviewed. With or without Hasselblad on the back, the phone will fall hard if it does not stand out positively.

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Other details that we know today are that OnePlus 9 Pro can get a Snapdragon 888 processor which is the latest and fastest system circuit on the market today for Android phones.

The system circuit is accompanied by 12GB of RAM, 256GB of storage and a screen with 1440p resolution (120Hz). OnePlus 9 Pro can be charged wirelessly and has a maximum charging power of 45 watts.

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