Organic reach on Facebook plummeting? Here’s what’s happening and how to improve

It spells “Improved Page Insights to Help Businesses Understand Results”, but it reads “New Measures for Organic Reaching, Don’t Panic If No One Sees You”.

Facebook has recently introduced a novelty regarding the organic coverage of updates , that is the number of people who view a post (not sponsored) on the fan page. This is a very important metric that allows analysts to understand the effectiveness of the message in relation to the audience involved. Anyone involved in digital strategy must deal with this data, in order to optimize communication on the fan page based on objectives and results.

Basically, the coverage therefore allows us to understand how much our content has “traveled”, coming into contact with a defined number of people, calculation in hand. This is why many professionals have recently become “worried”: in some cases the organic coverage has collapsed . But let’s not make a tragedy of it, quite the contrary. This is a good sign. Let’s see why.

Change the measurement of organic coverage: how it works

Facebook has so far calculated organic reach based on the number of times a post was shown in users’ news feed , regardless of whether it was displayed on the screen or not . That’s a big difference from paid coverage , which has always been counted when a post is viewed on a person’s screen. And that’s where it changes and the measurement becomes more consistent. Under the new metric, organic reach is counted today when an unpaid post is viewed on a person’s screen .

What’s the difference between Page views and reach?

The views of a fan page correspond to the number of visits to the profile of a fan page, with no difference between a logged in user (i.e. after logging in to Facebook) or not. Coverage , on the other hand, involves viewing content on the screen and can be divided into organic (without advertising) or paid (through advertisements). Basically, the organic coverage of a Page stands at a percentage of 2-3% of the entire fan base. This means that out of 100 fans only 2 or 3 will come into genuine contact with your content. And that’s why advertising is important on Facebook . But not only…

How to increase your Facebook post coverage

Facebook’s policy in 2018 is to show more posts from friends and family, while decreasing public content , including videos and other posts from publishers or brands. Precisely for this reason it is useful to plan an advertising investment capable of bringing messages to users. Facebook is not a charity, rather, it is a public company that capitalizes on every move. To be malicious we could find a correlation between the decrease in reach and the increase in the stock price per share .

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So how to increase the organic reach of the fan page? Five tips:

  1. Profiling : Grow your fan page with common sense. Fan campaigns are fine, but they are well defined. Having so many fans who care little about your product or service is totally counterproductive. Much better to do an accurate profiling and offer quality content. This is the best way to turn a user into a fan. And then build loyalty.
  2. Better “few but intelligent” contents rather than “many and potentially useless”. Even better if these few are sponsored ad hoc. As mentioned, Facebook will reduce the weight of brand publications in users’ news feed. It is therefore more likely that the most relevant ones can be intercepted.
  3. Avoid forced promotion , because posts with strong calls to action (share, rate, comment, etc …) will be penalized on the Page. Better to tell and involve with style. An entertained and informed fan converts more and more and becomes a brand ambassador.
  4. Analyze : the whole action plan becomes useful if it is optimized from time to time. If a format doesn’t work, it doesn’t work… no need to repeat it. If, on the other hand, an idea is successful, then it is right to ride it. We need to retain users with interesting stories. Habit can only become a success factor if justified by the results.
  5. Change is enrichment . For this you need to know how to innovate and not be afraid to do it. New columns, videos, formats. There are no mistakes in this case, only experience.

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