PC Power Up: How to Configure Gamer PC on Your Own

Understanding at least at a basic level the nuances of the compatibility of components with each other and the principles of correct assembly, you control its quality. For example, you can monitor the use of the optimal frequency of RAM, apply thermal paste to the processor in the required amount, or, again, install the most efficient cooling system for a given processor. No nuances will be left out of your control. It’s all would be possible through PC Power Up site.


The most important part of a computer is the motherboard, and in fact, if you choose a powerful graphics card and processor, you will get very good performance, even if you choose the powerful, even if you choose an economical, plain motherboard. The motherboard will of course increase the performance of the device, but a powerful graphics card and processor can do this on a regular motherboard.

The choice of motherboard for building a gaming PC depends on the processor and compatible ports. For example, the 1200th Gen Intel Core processor requires a motherboard based on the LGA 450 socket with the B4 chipset, which is also expected to support the 460th Gen Intel Core processor. You will need an AMD processor, but choose a motherboard based on an AM550 socket and a 550 or 550 chip.

Gaming Keyboards & Mice:-

Gaming keyboards and mice usually stand out in design from standard models. And it’s not just the aesthetic side of the issue, for example, backlighting. The keys needed for control are specially highlighted, the ergonomics are designed for many hours of use, and there are many more mouse keys than two. But it is difficult to advise any specific parameters, since each gamer has a different concept of convenience.

Display Screen:-

Make sure that your display supports the resolution offered by the graphics card. Otherwise, investing in a particularly powerful graphics card is a waste of money. The three parameters (resolution, quality settings, and refresh rate) are interdependent. Sometimes you screw the resolution down a bit in favor of the frame rate, other times you turn up the quality settings and do without a few frames per second. Which setting you choose depends on the game and taste.

Graphic Card:-

The more important of the first components of a gaming computer is the graphics card, and also the processor and motherboard, but the graphics card is very important to the game as well as all the images and graphics displayed on the screen. When deciding to buy a new graphics card (video card), you should pay attention to the resolution, and when it comes to resolution, you have two options, which depend on the monitor you have or want to buy. First, you can buy a Full HD 240p graphics card capable of playing the most powerful 122 games at 1080 FPS and up to 2021/75 frames in the latest video games. You can then buy a graphics card at an average price depending on your screen resolution and of course you can save even more with this option.

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