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Pixelmator Pro can now ProRAW: Update under the microscope

Pixelmator Pro can now ProRAW: Update under the microscope

Those who don’t call themselves a friend of Adobe now have a couple of really good alternatives at hand, especially in the Mac App Store. One of them is Pixelmator Pro and its developers have now provided an important update for all owners of an iPhone 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max.

First of all, the most important innovation of Pixelmator Pro: The image editing software can now handle the new Apple ProRAW file format, which is exclusively reserved for the iPhone 12 Pro and the 12 Pro Max. Below you will find the complete release notes for the update:

  • Pixelmator Pro now fully supports Apple ProRAW photos.
  • When adjusting images using brightness adjustment, the shadows and highlights sliders can now restore more detail.
  • Use the new Gradient Map Effect to creatively color images with any number of colors.
  • Realistically distort and reshape images using the new displacement map effect.
  • The new high-pass effect lets you quickly separate fine textures and details from images.
  • If you move the mouse over the blend modes in the Effects tool, each blend mode is immediately previewed in your image.
  • The WebP format is now available in the Export for Web tool.
  • The General tab of the Pixelmator Pro Settings has been updated and a new auto rendering option has been added, as in System Preferences.
  • The commands for aligning objects now have handy keyboard shortcuts. Hold down the Command Control keys, and then press an arrow key to align the edges in that direction. H to align the horizontal centers or V to align the vertical centers.
  • The character spacing slider now shows negative values ​​by default.
  • New gradient stops are now created with the color of the area you click.
  • When you zoom in on your image there is haptic feedback when the image is 100% zoomed in or fits perfectly with the Pixelmator Pro window.
  • The entire Hue slider in the Selective Color setting is now displayed by default.
  • You can now pin the histogram to the top of the Color Adjustments area. Find the new option under Format> Color Adjustments> Histogram, or by Ctrl-clicking the histogram.


  • When you use the color pickers in the Color settings to replace colors and choose Black and White, only areas within the selected layer can be selected. Firmly.
  • When opening documents with a large number of effects, adjustments, or styles, the tool options area could not be scrolled until an effect, adjustment, or style was added or removed. Firmly.
  • Shape anchor points and direction handles sometimes move at a different speed than the vector paths themselves. Fixed.
  • When you draw line shapes with the inner line style applied, those lines will temporarily render incorrectly if they are horizontal or vertical. Firmly.
  • When drawing paths with the pen tools, points do not snap properly. Firmly.
  • If you use the Refine Selection option and then adjust selected areas with the Color Adjustment tool, the changes in the selected area will not be properly flattened. Firmly.
  • Pixelmator Pro quits unexpectedly when opening RAW images on macOS 10.14 Mojave. Firmly.
  • The version number can now be selected in the “About Pixelmator Pro” window.

Update is free of charge

As usual, all owners of Pixelmator Pro can download and install this update free of charge from the Mac App Store. The developer names macOS 10.14.4 or higher as requirements, ProRAW can of course only be processed under macOS Big Sur.

If you haven’t bought Pixelmator Pro yet, you can still benefit from a 50% sale and purchase the app in the Mac App Store for half the price.

Who of you already uses Pixelmator?

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