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Pixelmator Pro has been updated – v2.0.4 – better support for WebP & ProRAW

Pixelmator Pro has been updated to version 2.0.4. And with the new version comes the fourth major improvement to the ML Super Resolution.

With ML Super Resolution, Pixelmator Pro can analyze an image and improve image quality using artificial intelligence. A bit like on film when low-resolution images are super-detailed at the touch of a button, but not as effective as on the cinema screen of course.

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ML Super Resolution has been updated three times before and with fourth improvements, the function has become much better at a very specific point. ML Super Resolution can remove artifacts (graphics errors) in high-compression WebP files.

This is now the fourth major version of ML Super Resolution and it brings one very interesting and notable improvement – WebP compression artifact removal. Pixelmator Pro already supports the WebP file format and, as it gains more users around the web, it’s becoming clear that the WebP compression algorithm produces unique compression artifacts. ML Super Resolution has already been trained to remove JPEG artifacts when resampling images but, with today’s update, it can now remove WebP artifacts too. You can see an example of how ML Super Resolution now deals with these artifacts below.

The same functionality is already available for JPEG files.

Another novelty is improvements to Quick Look. The function for previewing image results and which with the new update provides full-size previews directly via the Finder.

If you do so-called thumbnails with Pixelmator Pro, these can be synced via iCloud compatible devices, even if they do not have Pixelmator Pro installed.

And finally, the image editing app finally has better support for ProRAW. The app can now read and use so-called “depth masks” that open in the app like any other layer.

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