Powerwash Simulator offers something different

Powerwash Simulator offers something different

Always fun with new games and especially Indies games, but even better when we get a new simulator game that is satisfactory to the max.

Powerwash Simulator has been released as early access on Steam and this is a game that really stands out where you can probably hear on the name what the game is about, wash with a high pressure washer simply.

But even though it may not sound very interesting and the developers have managed to make Powerwash Simulator a game with a high level of satisfaction as you can wash everything from house facades to cars, stairways, even robots in March.

But in addition to washing and earning money, we will also invest this in new tools, better high-pressure washers and simply greater challenges when it comes to washing.

Powerwash Simulator is available at Steam now, the developers have already said that they will have the game in early access for about a year and with the players’ feedback improve the game

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