Pre-bookings of Steam Deck have started

Pre-bookings of Steam Deck have started


Valve impressed with its handheld PC machine Steam Deck and now it is possible to pre-book your item, but it is important to be fast.

It did not take long between Valve actually presenting Steam Deck until they opened up the possibility to add theirs advance booking and the interest seems to be great.

On Friday 16/7 when the advance booking opened, the pressure became so high that Valve had server problems again and again.
This affected not only those who tried to pre-book Steam Deck but also those as players or just wanted to access their Steam library.

Now, however, it has calmed down, but getting your machine in December is over, at the moment it says that you can get your Steam Deck in the first quarter of 2022 and this applies to all three models.

It will be interesting to see if Steam Deck can actually be a hit or if it will be as cool as when Valve presented its first hand control and VR headset, the interest disappeared as soon as it came.


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