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FinalCrypt is suitable for anyone who prioritizes security over convenience. If you need to protect your files properly, then turn on OTP (one-time pad) encryption) most of it.

Encryption can be a cumbersome process. The easiest choice is to encrypt an entire storage device, but this means that hackers are only one (1) password away from accessing all your files. The rapid development of computers also means that many popular encryption technologies risk becoming insecure through so-called brute-force attacks. So what to do?

FinalCrypt is an platform-independent encryption solution based on open source that has two aces up its sleeve. First, it uses Symmetric One Time Pad encryption, which is described as impossible to get around, partly because there is no size restriction on the encryption keys. Second, it is designed to encrypt and decrypt billions of files and folders in one go.

FinalCrypt’s use of OTP makes the program one of the more secure solutions you can use – provided you keep your key to yourself.

Worth knowing about Finalcrypt:
License: Open source code
System requirements: Linux / MacOS / Windows 10/8/7
Manufacturer’s website:
Download link:

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