Razer Anzu glasses with integrated speakers

Razer Anzu

Razer has now presented something completely new to them, Sunglasses that have built-in speakers, no new gadget but definitely new for Razer.

Razer Anzu might be able to get this kind of gadget to actually take off. In the past, companies such as Bose and Amazon have tried on glasses with speakers without it becoming a real hit.

Maybe Razer can do it differently with Anzu, Anzu comes in two different designs one round and one more rectangular. What Razer has done differently to others, however, is that the speakers are separated from each other, which should make the glasses a little slimmer and more comfortable. The sound elements are 16mm, on the outside of the frames there is a touch surface to control, among other things, the music and voice assistants.

However, there is a small problem, each speaker must be charged separately with cable, which does not feel completely optimal or flexible.

Anzu will of course be IPX4-rated, which makes them water-resistant so you do not have to worry about sweat or rain. Another nice feature is that all audio playback is turned off when you fold your glasses.
According to Razer, the battery life should be about five hours.

If you want to buy a Razer Anzu, they are now sold on Razers website and the price tag is 209 euros.

Razer Anzu Razer Anzu

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