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Many people have been investing heavily in different digital assets, including cryptocurrency coins, bitcoin in the last few years. The security of crypto wallets has to be guaranteed. When someone invests in cryptocurrency, they need to take a look at the security features. If you lose cryptocurrency or even a portion of it, cybercriminals are able to inflict heavy losses on the person who invested in it.

The fact that you have cryptocurrency in your wallet is similar to having cash in your pocket. Criminals on the internet are always waiting for an opportunity to hack into your bank account. If remote hackers gain access to your cryptocurrency wallet, they are able to take over all cryptocurrency within only a few hours.

If you lose cryptocurrency, the mechanism for redress isn’t easy. This is why you can’t simply file an FIR; you should seek the assistance of an expert in cyber security such as CNC Intelligence to get help in this. As most countries don’t accept the legality of cryptocurrency to be an investment, it’s challenging to make a claim in this respect. However, once you have submitted your request to trace cryptocurrencies to the CNC Intelligence team, they’ll handle it on their own and you won’t need to be concerned anymore.

How Can CNC Intelligence Help You to Recover Scammed Bitcoin by CNC Intel

CNC Intelligence Inc has now become the top recovery service provider for help in tracking cryptocurrency. The sooner you submit an application to track down the stolen or lost cryptocurrencies the sooner they’ll begin working on the matter.

A cryptocurrency owner can be liable for losing his funds when they send money to an organization that is fraudulent or if your cryptocurrency digital wallet has been compromised.

If you suspect that your crypto private key or wallet was compromised or hacked If you suspect that your crypto wallet or private key has been compromised, inform your CNC Intelligence Team about it.

They’ll take care of everything else and ensure that you receive your digital assets that were stolen back.

Recovering Stolen Cryptocurrency:

1. Verify Your Credit Score

If you’ve been a victim of the crypto scam One of the first steps to take is to examine the credit score of your report. This will enable you to detect any fraudulent accounts created by you in the aftermath of the scam, and then assess the impact it has upon your score.

Another option is the addition of a fraud alert on your credit report. This can deter fraudulent individuals from using your information to open a credit card. You can submit an alert for fraud through credit reporting agencies like Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion.

2. Pay Attention To The Specifics of The Scam

The loss of money due to an online scam can be emotional. And it’s not surprising that you wouldn’t wish to repeat the loss. However, before you lose track of important information, you must keep track of the specifics of the fraud. Keep an account of all text messages, emails as well as other digital assets related to the cryptocurrency scam.

When you are documenting the scam, it is recommended that you must record your personal information, the details of the person or the company that is responsible for the fraud (including complete names emails, email addresses and social media profiles, telephone numbers as well as IP addresses) along with a full description of the fraud (when it took place as well as the perpetrators and the amount your losses. Cryptocurrency wallet, and exchanges that were involved, as well as the evidence).

In the event that you record all these details, you’ll be able to make a thorough report on the bitcoin scam recovery. And forward it to authorities in charge to find the criminals. This is an excellent example of a victim-impact statement that is used to deter scams within the US.

3. Contact The Relevant Government Agencies

After capturing your details about this scam you’ll need to identify the authorities responsible for reporting the scam and getting in contact with them. Numerous government agencies are involved in frauds involving crypto coins and other types of fraud.

In the meantime, Action Fraud is the most reliable location to report cybercrime in the UK. In most countries, there are authorities that deal with fraud cases. A quick Google search should provide more information. No matter where you are in the world, you’re able to be able to report scams involving crypto.

4.Inform The Cryptocurrency Exchanges And Wallet Providers

In addition to reporting cyber-related bitcoin scam to the government. It could be helpful if you alerted the wallet and exchange service providers that were involved in the incident. The majority of crypto firms provide dedicated support to report frauds in the crypto industry. For example, Coinbase asks victims of a crypto scam to email 18******[email protected]*** Also, Kraken offers a website on which you can make a report of a phishing scam.

5.Don’t Be Fooled by Recovery Scams

One thing to keep in mind following a scam with crypto is that cybercriminals might attempt to defraud you once more with recovery scams. In this kind of fraud, the perpetrator will call the victim and say to be a member of an agency of the government, law firm, or recovery business.

They’ll claim to have found your money stolen and ask for the payment of taxes late or a retainer an upfront payment prior to returning the money. Although this might sound appealing it’s actually a scam to recover your money. If they were able to access your stolen funds it would be possible to make a profit from it.

Do not pay any upfront costs to those who claim they can assist you in getting your money back from an online scam. The only time you should consider paying the fee is after you’ve recovered the money you took.

6. Analyze The Path of The Transaction

The first step CNC Intelligence team will take is tracking the movements of your cryptocurrency from your wallet. The company will look at over 190,000 digital assets and examine every transaction to distinguish fraud from legitimate ones.

7. Retrieving Information About The Person Who Is The Recipient of Fraudulent Funds

After recovery specialists have discovered they are traceroutes, they collaborate together with the local police agencies to collect the KYC details of the recipients of the transactions directly from the cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges that are suspect or have been involved in fraud.

According to CNC Intelligence’s Seth A Gordon. The continuous increase in the number of cryptocurrency-related fraud has led to the need for us to work closely together with the FBI. Interpol and other agencies to locate the stolen or lost crypto coins. In the past, the majority of these crimes were not reported. However, we are pleased that a lot of crypto coin users are coming forward to file concerns.”


The odds of recovering your money from a scam involving crypto are low. The only possibility could be if police authorities can track. And take your money from the person who is a fraud.

Make sure you don’t cause more harm and protect your credit. make a full description of the fraud, make contact with authorities in the area and inform others about the dangers of cyber-scams. Most importantly avoid falling for recovering “experts” that charge you an upfront fee. If they’re legitimate and trustworthy, they’ll be able to take the fee from the money that they have recovered.

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