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Reduce loading time in GTA Online – new trick

If there’s one thing the game GTA Online is notorious for, it’s incredibly long loading times. Game developer Rockstar has either failed completely or ignored this part – but thankfully there is finally a trick that halves the charge.

  • Simple fix that had taken Rockstar a day to do
  • Unofficial fixes can make your account banned
  • Takes only a few minutes to do the fix

It should be said already here that the trick in question is not something for the normal user. Not least because it 1) requires you to change the code of the game and 2) risks having your account banned by Rockstar if you play online. Ouch.

What the code does is change how GTA Online reads from a specific json file on your hard drive. A 10MB file containing 63,000 (!) Lines that must be checked. According to the code creator tostercx who came up with this trick, a total of 1,984,531,500 checks are made against that file. No wonder it takes a long time.

By optimizing GTA Online, or rather changing a few lines of code, you can bypass the control of the json file and reduce the loading time by up to 70 percent.

And if we are to believe tostercx, a lone developer at Rockstar could officially solve the problem in a day. But it seems that the game studio has no interest whatsoever in making this improvement.

Although upwards of 80 percent of all players (according to this survey) are potentially irritated by the slow charge.

You can read a detailed review of the problem here.
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