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Reverse image search involves uploading an image Google Image Search, or another search engine, to find out which other web pages use the same image. This can be a good way to investigate the origin of an image and whether it is genuine.

Also called: Image Search, Reverse image search (English)

An image on the internet can easily be manipulated or used in completely different contexts than it was originally taken for. By doing a reverse image search of a specific image, you can quickly find out which web pages the image appears on.

That it is called reverse image search is because you start from an image to do a search instead of a text, which is the norm in a search engine.

To do an image search:

A reverse image search can be done either by uploading an image you have on your computer or by pasting the image URL into Google Images. It can be done both on a computer and with a mobile phone.

Here you can read how to do on different devices, step by step.

Reverse image search can be done in all standard browsers. If you use the Chrome browser, you can also right-click on an image on a web page and then click on the option “Google search for image”.

With a reverse image search, you can see, among other things, which more pages use the image and in which contexts.

Instead, if you want to find out where and how a video appears, you can take a screenshot of the current video and upload it.

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