Safari Technology Preview 119 released by Apple



Apple has released a new version of the Safari Technology Preview for all interested users. This version of Safari includes new features and improvements that are planned for future Safari updates. It can be installed parallel to the regular version of Safari on the Mac and is available free of charge and without registration.

Apple has released a new update for its Safari Technology Preview. This is a preview of upcoming changes, innovations and improvements that Apple is planning for Safari. Safari Technology Preview Version 119 includes changes and improvements in the areas of Web Inspector, Speech Recognition, CSS, Scrolling, JavaScript, Media, WebAssembly, Web Animations, Accessibility and Web API.

The update of the technology preview can be initiated via the software update. The Safari Technology Preview can be used by new users free of charge and without registration downloaded from Apple.

Feedback for future updates

Apple launched Safari Technology Preview in 2016. It is hoped that this ongoing public beta will provide helpful feedback on bug fixing in Safari. The Technology Preview can be used parallel to the regular version of Safari; it does not replace it during installation.

Safari Technology Preview is available for macOS Big Sur and its predecessor Catalina and is based on Safari 14.
With this update, Apple introduced the new tab preview, warnings for insecure passwords and support for extensions to other browsers. More details on the latest update can be found here.

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