Serious error in Apple M1-equipped computers – wears out the SSD disk

Macs with Apple M1 have a serious flaw that causes the built-in SSD to wear faster than normal. You can check for yourself if your computer is affected by the problem.

  • Applies to a small number of computers
  • You can see for yourself if your computer is covered
  • Can reduce service life by several years
  • Indication that the swap file is part of the error

Only a handful of users of Apple M1-equipped computers are reportedly affected. But those who are affected can, in the worst case, see the lifespan of the computers decrease by several years.

If this is accurate, some of these machines aren’t going to last half a year.

The problem that has arisen is macOS writes abnormally much to the SSD disk, which increases wear and tear and reduces service life. Why it is written more than necessary is not entirely clear.

Reading tips:

There are indications that the swap file may be the problem. A swap file contains temporary data that should actually be in the RAM, but which does not fit and therefore must be written to the SSD disk.

Simply see it as a seamless extension of RAM. To see if your computer is affected by the problem, you can open the Terminal and run the following command:

brew install smartmontools && sudo smartctl --all /dev/disk0

When you run the command, the Homebrew app is first updated, then your SSD disk is checked. What to look for in the list displayed on the screen is “Percentage Used:”. Our Macbook Pro, which is from 2017 (and thus an Intel-equipped model) has used 17 percent of its estimated life.

Image source: Twitter

This is perfectly normal and within all reasonable levels. And can be compared to the result that Twitter user William Li got – which is 10 percent after only 60 days of use.

The big question now is what is causing the problem and whether Apple is willing to compensate affected users. That a computer only lasts 2 to 3 years in the bad cases is unacceptable, especially when the SSD is soldered and can not be easily replaced.

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