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Good Morning all! This weekend brought the funeral of the HomePod – well, that was of course a little exaggerated, but at least the original is no longer being carried out by Apple and you have commented extensively on it. In addition, we have another small competition running. So welcome to the overview in the morning.

That was a bit of a surprise: the original HomePod is being discontinued, Apple recently confirmed this. From now on, only remaining stocks will be sold and in the future Apple will concentrate on the HomePod Mini. It has the superior technology in some respects, but by no means does it have the superior sound. We asked you for your opinions on Apple’s move and you replied abundantly.

At the same time we have some cheap alternatives to the HomePod picked out.

What do the AirPods 3 look like?

Recently, various leaks of the alleged AirPods 3 were spread, for example to see here with us. More pictures recently appeared, again by 52Audiowho are supposed to showcase the new AirPods.

Allegedly they will be launched this month and should be the replace the current AirPods 2.

In short

What else was important

We recently presented the AdGuard app. According to the manufacturer, the application should help iOS users in the fight against pop-ups and advertising and offer parental controls. We’ll outline the range of functions and give away a total of ten monthly licenses for the app.

Apple’s MacBooks are still in demand.

Even new sales records are conceivable, at least that is what Barclays analysts predict. Among other things, they rely on information from the supply chain, according to which some manufacturers their capacities for the second half of the year should still expand. Further models with Apple silicon chips are expected at the end of 2021 – and possibly without Touch Baar.

We introduce note-taking apps.

And in our latest edition of the AppSalat we have some helpful apps for taking quick notes presented.

Comes well into the new week!

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