Signify starts selling UV-C lamps

Philips UV-C lampa

Signify has now announced that they are releasing two Philips UV-C disinfection products, which can be perfect in these times.

UV-C lamps have become hugely popular given the pandemic and everything around it. Now Philips has released two such lights that I think may be of interest to many.

The UV-C lamp is built to disinfect an entire room with the help of UV radiation when no one is inside. It is absolutely important that no one is in the room and in order for the lamp to keep track of this, it has been equipped with motion sensors that keep track of this should it detect movements.

To disinfect a living room, for example, it would take about 45 minutes, a bedroom would take 30 minutes and a bathroom about 15 minutes, definitely worth it if, for example, you are not at home and can turn on the lamp in the meantime.

The other solution that Philips has come up with is a UV-C box where you can put different objects that you want to disinfect in, for example car keys, mobile, toys, etc. It should take about 9-10 seconds to disinfect an object in this box.

Both new products have already started to be sold, the UV-C lamp costs SEK 1,260, which is clearly a good price, the UV-C box will be delayed until later this year and will then cost approximately SEK 1,900.

Philips UV-C box


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