Sonos introduces new Roam portable speaker

Sonos Roam

Sonos Roam will be their second portable speaker and this time a really small one. As usual focus on sound and features from Sonos.

Then it was finally time again for Sonos to release a new portable speaker and this time it is a smaller speaker called Roam.

Roam will, just like Sonos’ other speakers, focus on the sound in the first place, here we find no huge elements considering the size, but we still find two amplifiers that will drive a treble and an element with midrange and bass in one.

Roam also has microphones built in, which means that you can use your speaker with Google Assistant or Alexa, unfortunately the microphones will only work with these assistants and not calls.

Sonos has also equipped Roam with the fact that you can either connect to the device via wifi and bluetooth at the same time, you never have to think about switching between the modes but the speaker runs on what is best and which should provide the best quality, in many cases wifi.

Sonos Move which is the company’s first portable speaker came with a docking station that was small but required to charge, Roam is a bit different and here we can charge the speaker via USB-C instead which is much smoother. It will also be possible to charge the speaker via wireless charging with Qi, Sonos has also developed its own charging plate that makes it easy to charge the speaker as the plate has magnets and puts it on the pallet directly.

Sonos Roam may unexpectedly not be a cheap story, Roam will cost SEK 1,999, comes in the colors black and white and can be ordered already now, however, the delivery of the speaker will be delayed until April 20.

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