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Sony advances its position as a leader in tomorrow’s technology at CES 2021

For many, Sony is and remains forever associated with two of its previous innovations, the Sony Walkman and the Sony Playstation. The portable cassette player that Sony probably still says at its internal breakfast meetings was the forerunner and inspirer of Apple’s iPod, which later “became” built into the iPhone. And the slot machine that continues to deliver news where the latest version Playstation 5 is at least hotly sought after by my own children! But for us in the technology turns, we know that Sony has more strings on its lyre and during CES 2021 it was time to once again show off their news and at the same time give feedback to last year’s launch of the car VISION-S and more.


VISION-S prototype car from Sony. Credit: Sony

In addition to the concept car VISION-S, there is more to highlight about Sony and their consolidation of position as the leader of tomorrow’s technology. But before we dive into these areas, one can wonder what happened to the concept car that was launched during last year’s CES show. After the fair, where Sony in connection with the unveiling of the concept car introduced its focus on mobility, the car was shipped on to the factory in Austria, where road tests are now being carried out. In 2020, the car also received the prestigious Red Dot Award for its design despite (?) The clear features of Tesla. However, Sony has been clear that they see mobility as an important area in the future and with the car VISION-S if they can push all their technology into the car in several different ways, then maybe it will be a stroke of luck in the end, but we will probably not find out until several years from now. Regardless of a fun project to follow if you are interested in technology and cars.

Road testing of Sony VISION-S

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