Spotify is suddenly becoming more expensive but not much


All of a sudden, everyone who is already a subscriber to Spotify received an email informing them of a price increase shortly.

It was really only a matter of time before Spotify would raise its prices and now it’s time.

Premium accounts that previously cost SEK 99 a month increase to SEK 109, while family accounts that cost SEK 169 a month increase to SEK 189.

In the email that Spotify sent out to its subscribers, they write the following:

From 1 February 2021, we will increase the price of Premium Individual. This means that we can continue to innovate and invest to give you the best experience and more value in the form of new content and more features to use.

If, on the other hand, you are a new customer at Spotify, the price increase applies directly and that was, as I said, quite expected.
However, Spotify says that the price increase is happening because you want to invest in your service and maybe we will get more than music and podcasts in the future.

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