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Steam Deck tries to display at 30fps instead of 60fps


The Steam Deck handheld console works to reach 30fps and NOT 60fps as previously reported. It reports a developer who also says that the games are likely to scale down to 800p without any problems.

  • Optimizations for Xbox / Playstation games can be transferred to Steam Deck
  • Newer hardware from AMD for really good performance
  • Hope that games can scale down to 800p in a good way

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The target frequency is only 30fps with 800p

Steam Deck is a powerful game console with a newer generation AMD processor and a fast graphics circuit based on the RDNA 2 architecture.

Together with a low-resolution HD screen that can handle a maximum of 1,280 x 800 pixels, you might think that Steam Deck should be able to handle 60fps in many games.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. According to game developer Pierre-Loup Griffais, Steam Deck is trying to reach a target frequency of 30fps with a resolution of 800p.

Pierre-Loup also says that he thinks the content on Steam will scale down in a really good way.

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Newer games should do well with Steam Deck hardware. Should.

Steam Deck uses new generation hardware for good performance

One thing that Pierre-Loup is thinking about is how developers will handle situations when players want to favor graphics over the frame rate.

“We may end up in a situation where we have to compromise, but we have not ended up there yet,” Pierre-Loup told the IGN website.

AMD has previously said that they have high hopes for the technology used in Steam Deck. Under the hood is not only a newer processor and graphics circuit, but also a lot of RAM of the latest LPDDR5 which contributes to good performance.

In addition, Steam Deck uses optimizations for the RDNA 2 architecture that is also used in the latest Xbox Series X and Playstation 5.

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The architecture of Steam Deck opens up for more and better optimizations

Hardware engineer Yazan Aldehayyat at Valve says that since Steam Deck is not the only game console with RDNA 2 architecture, all the benefits that developers have learned for Xbox and Playstation can be transferred to Valve’s game console.

We do not yet know how good the performance of Steam Deck is in practice. At the time of writing, the game console has not been released and it remains to be seen what independent tests show.

The article will be updated when we have more information on how good (or bad) modern games actually run on Steam Deck.


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