Stream Video Games With Netflix Next Year (2022)

Netflix reports starting with video games for almost a year. It reports Bloomberg who writes that the film service has recruited a person responsible for game development as a step in its development.

  • Can be released in 2022
  • Unclear how streamed games from Netflix should work
  • Recruiting Development Manager from Electronic Arts (EA)

Hires game development manager from EA

It has completely exploded with movie services on the market and in an attempt to differentiate itself from the crowd, Netflix seems to be investing in gaming.

According to the website Bloomberg, Netflix has hired a game development manager – Mike Verdu – who comes directly from the game publisher Electronic Arts (EA).

Mike Verdu is previously responsible for game development at EA and has worked with popular game series such as Plants vs Zombies, The Sims and Star Wars. He has also been on Facebook for some time.

An expected development for Netflix

That Netflix plans to dip its toes in gaming does not come as a development.

This is a natural extension of its Netflix’s content strategy, allowing it to mine intellectual property from popular shows like ‘Stranger Things.’ Though it may not generate much additional revenue, it will help deepen engagement and increase the service’s appeal and pricing power. Do not expect this to be a turning point, but it shows that the company will explore new formats to increase time spent on the platform, says Geetha Ranganathan.

At least not for Geetha Ranganathan, an analyst at Bloomberg. Ranganathan believes that Netflix will not pull the trigger on just games, but can instead use gaming as added value that keeps users.

And it may be needed, because it would not be surprising if Netflix has to raise its prices in 2021/2022.

Something that often leads to a loss of subscribers – which may be curbed a bit with the added value from streaming games.

Netflix already has interactive media

It should also be said that Netflix has already had interactive media for a long time.

Anyone who watches series like Carmen Sandiego and Black Mirror: Bandersnatch has the opportunity to control the direction of the stories. Here are all the series that can be controlled by viewers today:

You can find a complete and updated list on Netflix’s official website here.

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