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When looking for the most rugged tablet on the market, it can be difficult to find products that meet your specific needs. Most tablets are manufactured with everyday consumers in mind, meaning they are not intended to withstand daily wear and tear or high-impact accidents. If you’re in need of a medical grade tablet that also has an RFID reader, however, there are several options available on the market today.

Rugged Tablets VS Regular Tablets

When it comes to rugged tablets, industrial strength components like medical-grade tablet LCD screens, stronger touchscreens and sturdier batteries ensure that these tablets will last in a tough environment. Durability is not their only advantage; rugged tablets are also harder to break into when they are equipped with an RFID reader.
This added security feature keeps your data safe from hackers and internal thieves alike.

How Rugged Tablets Have Changed Over Time

Here’s How Rugged Tablets Have Changed Over Time Medical-grade tablets are designed to be used in hospital and clinical settings, where delicate surgery is being performed. The tablet needs to withstand more than a little wear and tear without causing any harm to sensitive patient data. Medical-grade tablets have therefore always been built for rugged use, but recently even more advanced features have come into play. What exactly does a medical-grade tablet need?

What to Look for in a Rugged Tablet

Medical-grade tablet PCs are more rugged than consumer tablets and don’t have to be as fussy. So while a regular tablet may be on call 24/7, an industrial or commercial grade device can handle more extreme environments, higher temperatures and frequent drops. These devices should also be able to handle dust and waterproofing, so you can even take them into wet environments like a surgery room or kitchen.

Rugged and Medical Grade Tablets – Pros and Cons

Rugged and medical grade tablets are built to be durable so they can withstand a range of rough situations. There are many rugged tablets on the market today, and one is even an option for those who need a tablet that’s designed for use in healthcare facilities.

Rugged tablets and medical grade tablets, however, have drawbacks as well. Read more below to discover what makes each type special – or not so special – before deciding which device might be best for you.

Different Ways People Use Rugged Tablets

This particular tablet offers a 4-way multipoint functionality that makes it ideal for medical grade tablet applications. It’s durable, tough and water resistant, so you can take it anywhere. At home or at work, employees use rugged tablets to improve efficiency and accuracy in their jobs. This has led many companies to have bulk orders of various models of rugged tablets being used in warehouses, retail stores and warehouses alike.

The Disadvantages of using a Rugged Tablet

While rugged tablets are great for certain types of industries, especially if you’re constantly in contact with water, dirt, or other damaging elements that could ruin a normal tablet, there are some areas in which they fall short. One significant drawback is battery life: Rugged tablets can’t be compared to their non-rugged counterparts when it comes to long-lasting power—some won’t even get through a full day of use. Plus, rugged tablets tend to be more expensive than traditional ones.

The Best Uses For A Rugged/Medical Grade Tablet

There are a wide variety of ways to use a rugged tablet. Security-minded companies are among those that benefit most from having these devices on hand. They can act as portable workstations for security guards and receptionists, or be used in conjunction with building access control systems, access gates, and other such technology. While there’s no shortage of uses for these machines, it’s important to know exactly what you want from your device before buying one.

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