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Telia begins the shutdown of the 3G network

The work of shutting down the 3G network is now beginning. Telia announces that the process is in full swing and the goal is to increase the space for both 4G and 5G instead.

According to Telia, the goal is for the 5G network to eventually reach as much as 99 percent of the Swedish population. Or 90 percent of Sweden’s area.

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Telia is working in parallel to double the capacity of the 4G network for mobile users. It is therefore not a question of 5G taking over within the next few years.

There are several reasons why Telia is starting to reduce 3G capacity.

Among other things, many fewer people use the net today and with old technology, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get spare parts. It is also a greater challenge to buy completely new parts when larger components are to be replaced.

3G users will be transferred to 4G / 5G before 2024

All 3G users should be able to be phased over to the newer and capable networks before the end of 2023. At the same time, 2G users (who are you really ?!) will be forced over at the end of 2025.

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To make the transition as smooth as possible, Telia has chosen to close base station by base station, not entire areas or cities in one go. First out are areas where 3G is used the least and at the same time the coverage for 4G / 2G is good.

It still uses the 3G network when the shutdown begins, must upgrade 1) its subscription to 4G / 5G, 2) and get equipment that supports these.

You can read more about the news directly at Telia here.

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