Test: Google Nest Hub (Gen 2)

Google Nest Hub (Gen 2)

Then Google finally released an update to Nest Hub, but it is not a major update and maybe not even something people notice.

The second generation Google Nest Hub has arrived and the biggest news about this smart screen speaker is that it can now, among other things, keep track of how we sleep. This is the big news, but then there is also less news under the hood such as a new chip that makes Google Assistant faster and better simply.

All this sounds good when you read it, but how good is it in reality?

We can start with the installation, installing Google Nest Hub is really easy, you start the speaker and it immediately says that you should download the Google Home app where you in turn install the speaker.

The screen, which is an LCD screen, is bright, good quality and honestly shows no more information than what you are actually looking for, nicely stylish and simply Google. The downside, however, is that the whole system can feel slow, laggy sometimes if you have to adjust the volume or scroll directly on the screen.

Google Nest Hub (Gen 2)

When you use Google Nest Hub in the evening, the brightness can be adjusted, which means that the screen never disturbs you, not even in the evenings / nights. Screen that is clearly noticeable that Google not only threw on but actually thought about features and features with it.

But then to one of the news with Google Nest Hub 2nd gen, that this smart speaker or screen speaker can actually keep track of how we sleep if we now have it in the bedroom or where you sleep of course. Google calls this “Sleep sensing” and therefore wants us to have Google Nest Hub on the nightstand to be able to measure sleep without actually having a watch or the like on us.

If you start this function, you simply get a summary when you wake up about how your sleep has actually been, but what it really only does is listen, it listens if we cough, snore or have some kind of light change in the room. According to Google, this is a radar that measures this, but in my opinion it is more the sound that plays a bigger role.

Google Nest Hub (Gen 2)

So would not say that it is something giant high-tech that Google does when it comes to measuring sleep, this is something guaranteed even our phones can do with apps. After a while, Google gathers all this information and you can see what your sleep looks like, a fun feature but nothing exactly needed and no selling point just to buy a Google Nest Hub 2nd gen. But measuring your sleep is not completely free, or yes it is free the first year but after that you have to buy some form of subscription to be able to use the service, clearly a big disadvantage that should only be included in the product.

Google Nest Hub is one of my favorite gadgets at home, I control pretty much all the lighting, my TV, console and music via Google Assistant so for me, Google Nest Hub is a matter of course. But this is not for everyone, the advantage is if you still choose to buy Google Nest Hub, you get Gen 2, which does not hurt to have some new and improved features.
The look is the same so nothing has happened there in a few years, I had hoped that Google Nest Hub would come with a bigger screen and maybe this is something we will see in the future.

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