The Apple Car could be built in the USA

Apple Car is real competition to Tesla, says Morgan Stanley

The Apple Car could initially be built in a factory in the US state of Georgia. A Hyundai subsidiary operates a production site there: Apple has reportedly selected Hyundai as its partner for the production of its car. The first cars could roll off the assembly line in four years.

Apple’s car may be built in the US: as last seen To report South Korean media emerged, plans to start manufacturing at a Kia Motors location in the US state of Georgia. According to reports, Hyundai is said to have built the Apple car over to its daughter Kia. The background to this decision, if it should actually have resulted, is allegedly of a technical marketing nature. Corresponding internal consultations are said to have started in the group of companies last Tuesday, which ultimately led to the agreement made, it is said.

The Apple Car could roll out in 2024

A few days ago it became known that Apple would probably rely on Hyundai for the production of the Apple Car, as we do in one corresponding message had reported. A corresponding agreement between the two companies could be reached as early as March be ready for signature. As a result, the automaker’s shares had literally exploded, although the statement from there about ongoing discussions with Apple had remained very vague. But even these few words were obviously too many: Hyundai took everything back at a later point in time and only spoke of discussions with various actors for an unspecified purpose. The background to this should be Apple’s excessive contractual penalties, which can quickly have ruinous consequences for large partners. As it was recently said from agency circles, the first cars should will be delivered as early as 2024, while other experts, however, considered a much later start of the car to be more likely.

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