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The best currency for marketing money with Marketing Automation

The best currency for marketing money with Marketing Automation

Everyone who runs a business or who is in the marketing department knows how difficult it is to get their message out to potential customers. The message disappears easily in the crowd and it is difficult to find the right target group. And everyone knows that the best customer is the one you already have, so how do you get more sales from an existing customer?

There is a lot in the term digital marketing

What many people think of in the first place are perhaps ads on social media and mass mailings. But there are much more fine-tuned ways to reach new and old customers. Many of the emails end up in the trash or are deleted before they are opened and on social media it is quickly scrolled past. In the first lesson in marketing, you learned that the best thing is to reach the right customer at the right time with the right product. Probably so difficult when everyone is connected all the time and everywhere. But there are tools to succeed with that equation.

Analysis and strategy important

The progressive marketing and PR company Reynolds international marketing can help you dramatically increase your chances of successful marketing. By doing a thorough analysis of customer groups and market, they will find the best channel for your business. By then sending targeted emails to the right customers based on this, you have increased the chance of getting customers to go to their website and to actually shop. Getting many clicks does not make you any money, it’s about getting customers to actually buy.

Follow-up and additional sales

After the transaction is completed, sales are followed up with targeted marketing based on what the customer has purchased. This creates the positive feeling for the customer as he feels seen and important and the chance that he will come back to shop more increases very much. The effect can come directly or be important for future purchases by the consumer.

Follow-up marketing

It could be that someone has bought a pair of hiking boots in leather, a month or two after purchase, an email can automatically be sent out with an offer on the best products to take care of these boots, or perhaps a battery-powered shoe dryer to take on the adventure next time. In this way, the store not only drives additional sales but also the chance to increase customer satisfaction.

Less work than you might think

It sounds like a lot of work, but it is no more work than a regular flyer generates. What is needed is to come up with goods and offers that are linked to a certain purchase and decide how far after the purchase the customer should receive the offer and then link the product with the offer, an email will go with the information you want the customer should receive on time.

In this way, you get a much better return on the marketing that you send out.

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