The Best Platforms for Crypto Marketers

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The crypto market was worth around $1.5 billion in 2020, a figure that has since risen to more than $3 trillion. What was once a niche currency rarely discussed away from the farthest reaches of the internet has become mainstream. 

The general public is now fully aware of the main cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin and Ethereum. For those marketing cryptocurrencies and companies in the crypto sphere, social media platforms are an important tool. 

Here are some of the best social media platforms for crypto marketers.


Reddit has, without a doubt, one of the biggest crypto communities on the internet. There are numerous subreddits devoted to all things crypto and many of the biggest names in the world of crypto post on there. Some of the most popular crypto subreddits include:

  • r/Cryptocurrencies
  • r/OpenSea
  • r/CryptoMarkets
  • r/Cryptotechnology
  • r/BitcoinBeginners

If you are building a marketing campaign for a crypto brand or are hoping to sell an NFT, Reddit is the place to hang out. Here you can engage with people interested in Crypto and join relevant conversations. Just make sure you follow the rules on each subreddit, as moderators are usually quick to kick people off when they don’t.


Don’t dismiss Twitter because it is mainstream – although things are likely to change now Elon Musk has bought the platform. Twitter is very influential, and a lot of crypto thought leaders hang out on there. Use Twitter to help build a brand and engage with your followers, as well as others in your niche. Be aware that you are limited to 280 characters per Tweet, which means being creative with text, images, video, and memes. 


Telegram is known as an encrypted, cloud-based instant messaging program, similar to WhatsApp. It is predicted to have an audience of more than a billion users by 2022, many of them tech-savvy. What makes Telegram stand out is its popularity with crypto developers. If you are working on a new cryptocurrency, Telegram is the perfect place to keep in touch with your followers and would-be investors. By being active on Telegram, you can boost brand outreach and keep in touch with users 24/7. You can also share links to other sites, such as a website devoted to your crypto project. 

Telegram is also useful because you can create Telegram polls, in much the same way as you can on Twitter. Use polls to gauge how well your marketing campaign is going, and how well your crypto product or service is being received. 


Discord is another chat platform that can be used for cryptocurrency marketing. Although Discord was originally designed for gamers, it has evolved. Today, many crypto developers, marketers, and investors frequent Discord channels to discuss their plans and talk business. Many mainstream crypto fans hang out in the r/Cryptocurrency channel on Discord, but there are other niche channels worth exploring. 


Facebook may have a reputation for being largely popular with older users these days, but don’t dismiss it out of hand. There are a lot of Facebook groups devoted to crypto and marketers can gain a lot from joining these groups and engaging in the conversation. 

Other platforms to check out include Twitter, Medium, and Steemit.

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